Monday, May 30, 2011


This Friday Night, the 3rd of June, we have a AFRICA Night at DropZone. Prizes will be given for the best customes!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hi all,

The last two Friday nights we have been learning about Daniel.
This Daniel was a remarkable man, as he was one of very few who did not want to join in the harmful things people did around him. He stood up against huge peer pressure and even death threads!
The Lord helped him to stand up against this all, and Daniel had great faith in God providing him the strength he needed.
He loved God so much, he didn't want to compromise his love for Him by joining in with others in eating food that was offered to idols or worship the king as a god.

The games we played during these nights helped us to think about what happened to Daniel. Daniel was placed as one of three presidents over the large kingdom of Babel. The princes of Babel didn't like that, because they wanted to be president themselves. So they made a law that people should only pray to the king for 30 days and not to any god. Daniel didn't listen to that, as he loved God so much, he wanted to keep communicating with Him.

We played cat and mouse to imitate the princes trying to catch Daniel.

We played catch me if you can to imitate sneaking up to Daniel and trying to catch him while he was praying (this is what the princes tried to do).

We played poison pole and thought about jealousy, how that can make people very nasty toward each other.

Then we also read the true history from the Bible and we had a good discussion about what it means to serve God, or not.

We are looking forward to coming Friday night with another action packed program!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Term 1

Hi all,

We haven't been updating you as regular as before, so here is the first blog about the programs of Term 1 of 2011!

We started off with a games evening, followed by an evening about "Who is God?"

We looked at the creation of the world in the following night and the reason why we are created the night after.

Then came the night about the fall. We finally managed to make some photos, so you can enjoy a bit of the fun we are having. The games all had to do with the theme the Fall. In most games you had to try not to fall (twister, bucket balance & shelter building)

Balancing a bucket with water on you feet and taking your shoes of as fast as possible
(one group didn't get wet)

Building a shelter for 3 people from newspaper
(there are actually 3 people under here)

The night after that we had a theme about Noah's flood. The youth had to pair up in teams of two animals to get onto the ark. Once aboard they had to feed the lion, the bear and do some monkey bowling. A code breaker game revealed the true size of the ark: 137 x 22 x 13.7 meters! Huge!

Animal pairs swapping seats and Noah trying to catch them

Feeding the lion (from a distance of course)

Feeding the bear (with the eyes closed)